Lorraine has been working with our daughter for 12 years.  She is professional, reliable, honest and very knowledgeable.  Lorraine uses her knowledge of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to quickly assess triggers for behaviour challenges, and designs a thoughtful, data-driven plan for implementation in our home and school settings.  Lorraine has developed effective behaviour plans and strategies that have supported our daughter’s social, emotional and independent life skills through the various stages of her development. – Leslie M.

Lorraine offers a personalized, holistic approach to supporting our two children and our family. She endeavours to build upon our children’s strengths with a commitment to helping them realize their fullest potential. Lorraine addresses challenges with a structured, teaching approach, using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Her dedicated efforts have helped our children make significant gains in their social, emotional and behavioural development.  Lorraine has provided us with hope and empowerment. She is a formidable advocate and we deeply appreciate her intention to always honour our children. – Anna P.

Lorraine has been a real blessing to our family! She has a sound understanding of how our son learns, and is not only sensitive to his needs as a child with autism, but also takes his hearing impairment and ADHD into consideration when developing her programs.  Lorraine has helped us understand how to help and teach our son on a daily basis in our home. Through the use of programs based on Applied Behaviour Analysis and her assessments, my son has learned to be independent with daily living skills such as cleaning his room, as well as improving his social and communication skills with his younger siblings and friends. Lorraine has also created effective behaviour plans to help our son express his anger in a better way, and get the help he needs.  She has also supported us with implementing effective ABA programs in the school setting for our son. Lisa B.