At Helping Hands Behaviour Consulting, we strive to provide evidence-based programs and behaviour support to children with Autism in their homes, schools and communities.  Working collaboratively with families and professional team members, we use the teaching methodology of Applied Behaviour Analysis to teach effective replacement behaviours and reduce or eliminate behaviours which negatively impact the child’s quality of life.  It is our goal to expand the child’s behavioural repertoire to include any social, communication and daily living skills that have not been learned or that exist but are occurring at a low frequency. Adaptive skills that may be taught include, communication, social interaction, daily living, and safety skills.  Each of these skill repertoires are taught within the child’s natural environment.

  • Choose Target Behaviour(s)
  • In-Depth Functional Assessment of Target Behaviour(s)
  • Development of the Individualized Behaviour Support Plan
  • Program Development, Implementation & Training
  • Program Monitoring & Evaluation

Our Services Include

Goal Setting
  • Assistance provided to families and team members for selecting goals which address socially valid behaviour change and skill development needs for the child.
  • Goal setting is undertaken for the child’s home program as well as in collaboration with school teams for the Individualized Education Plan
  • In-depth functional behaviour assessment (FBA) is completed on each identified goal using a combination of parent interviews, direct observations in the child’s natural environment and objective data collection.
  • When necessary, a brief functional analysis (FA) may be conducted to determine the precise function(s) for a challenging behaviour, which will inform the treatment plan
  • Following completion of the assessment, an Individualized Behaviour Support Plan is developed summarizing the assessment results and providing a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment package to address the goals identified
Program Development and Evaluation
  • Evidence-based programs and strategies are developed to promote effective behaviour change in the child’s home, school, and community.
  • One-One intervention provided by consultant to ensure program fidelity
  • On-going parent training and coaching provided for program implementation in the home and community
  • Training provided to families and/or caregivers on data collection methods relevant to program goals
  • Bi-weekly meetings held with parents, students and/or caregivers to evaluate goal achievement and determine the need for further assessment or program modifications
  • Strategies provided to ensure the effective maintenance and generalization of replacement behaviours and skills