Lorraine De Souza

My name is Lorraine De Souza and I am the founder and a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst for Helping Hands Behaviour Consulting.  I discovered my passion for working with children with autism as a consultant for various non-profit organizations, and eventually established my own practice in 2006.  With over 25 years of experience working in the field of developmental disabilities, I have worked with a diverse population of both students and adults with varying degrees of cognitive and behavioural challenges.  My education and training includes a Master of Education Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Calgary, and a Graduate Academic Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis from the University of North Texas.  I have been board certified since 2010 providing quality ABA services to children and families across the Lower Mainland.  Through my work I have had the privilege of observing and celebrating each student’s unique contribution towards enriching their families, schools and communities. I have shared in the joys and successes of my students as they achieve their goals.