Program Design and Implementation

resized__200x133_Our Mission pictureFollowing the completion of assessment your consultant will develop a treatment plan to address the target behaviour and will provide on-going training on how to implement this plan. Treatment plans may be developed to either decrease a problem behaviour and teach replacement behaviours, or to increase the rate or frequency of pivotal responses such as communication skills and social skills, which are necessary for successful daily living. Treatment plans include the following components:

  • Individualized to each child and their specific needs
  • Incorporates the child's strengths and gifts
  • Developed collaboratively with the family and other team members
  • Provide a structured step by step procedure for implementation
  • Implemented across the child's natural environments


Monitoring and Evaluation

During the implementation of the treatment plan, target behaviours are closely monitored to ensure goal achievement. In some cases where goal achievement has not been obtained, program evaluation may lead to re-assessment and program modifications. Program monitoring is undertaken in a variety of ways including:

  • On-site visits to observe behaviours and programs being implemented in the natural environment
  • Objective data collection and analysis, including charting progress
  • Meetings with team members to troubleshoot and discuss goal achievement
  • Regular telephone contact to follow-up


Discharge Planning

Discharge planning occurs close to the time of renewal of service. Discharge Planning includes the following:

  • services_discharge_planning_smThe family is provided the opportunity to evaluate gains made during the course of service and whether goal achievement has been obtained to their satisfaction
  • Decisions are made regarding the future course of service, or whether to terminate service
  • Formal discharge letter and package provided to the family should they decide to terminate service

Following discharge, the family may choose at any time to be placed back on the wait list for behaviour support with Helping Hands Behaviour Consulting, should they require additional support in the future.

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